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This page will guide you to larger images. The featured image will be change from time to time.
When they are replaced look through the thumbnails of numbered pages for their placement.

Please be aware that some revisions to my page may not have been accomplished to remove
associating CRT spiders to a certain image of 'supposedly' raise Martian Spiders.
The correct association is shown here.
And images from other experiments are here

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To page eight Link to passover-monitor results A tight column of spiralling material occurs during electric discharge experiment Fiberglass covering with voids

To page seven The lower aspects of the discharge pattern above. Lichtenberg from an e-micro burst Electric Micro bursts on CRT First Spiders

Mars' Star-like dunes on a CRT by electric discharge and material re-deposition


2007 Poster Presentation for some CRT results (updates17)

Macro-bursts on Mars?