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by James Roe
Published 1953 - 1954

This material is being copied from the original pamphlet and placed here for review and evaluation by members of Thunderbolts Forum. This is Copywrited material.


   For Over Fifty Years I have researched and experimented in the sciences, picking my subjects as they were brought to my attention and then studying and experimenting on them until I have reached a solution to the problem in question.
   You might say I have worked as a "LONE WOLF," for all of my work has been carried on without contact with others, but not without the aid of others, for the wirtings on many men have been with me constently, and it is only by using the knowledge that they have given me that I have been able to do the work I have done in these and my other findings. I have read everthing I could find on the subject being researched, both in my own fields and the technical and general libraries, amongst some of the finest in the world.
   From the knowledge gained from others, plus my own powers of reasoning, it has been possilbe for me to discover solutions to several problemsin science which have been covered by the word "phenomena."
   This work is not the result of idle dreams, nor is it the result of an accident. It is the result of many years of accumulating knowledge, and by formulating a line of procedure for the use of this knowledge. My procedure in not the conventional procedure usually followed in research, but it has proven successful for me when the conventional procedure has failed for others.
   I am not a scientist, but I am an ardent student of the sciences and have been for many years. Many of the discoveries upon which science is based were made bymen who were not highly versed in science.
   I am giong to ask you to read my findings on "What Electricity Is" with an open mind. Read them several times before you form your opinions for you will find there is much food for thought. A number of persons, including several of high scientific standing have heard or read my copyrighted lecture, which contains all of the subject matter of this text, and they gave me varied opinions on my findings. Some said there is no doubt that my findings are right, some said they doubted if they were right, some said they could not accept them, BUT NOT ONE MADE A DEFINITE STATEMENT THAT MY FINDINGS WERE WRONG, nor could those who were doubters or said they could not accept my findings give any scientific or logical reason why my findings were not right. Is was just their personal opinion. An opinion without proof or logical reasining as a basis is NO OPINION in science.
   I believe all persons that are at all interested in science will enjoy reading and studying these findings, for they will make yiu do much thinking and reasoning, and that is what I like.
   In these writings you will find not only "What Electricity Is," but you will be told where it comes from, and a logical theory at to where it goes.
   You will find facts which prove my discovery af "What Electricity Is," and other supporting evidence.
   I a;so five you new and original concepts as to the Origin of thought, heredity, heat and mass. Also evidence that electricity is "The Vital Force Of Life."
   All disclosures are given in terms, and in a manner, so as to be easily understood by the average person.
   The subject is old but the solution, answering the question set forth in this titls, is new and original.
   My original findings on "what Electricity Is" were made several years ago and were copyrighted as a lecture at the time. My studies and research on the subject have continued and each year additional material has been added.
   Feeling that my findings may be of value to many persons interestes in science. researchand invention and will interest many of the millions of the general public who will have to know something of science in the future to exist, I am disclosing my discovery to you on the following pages.


By James Roe

Chapter I

My Incentive