The Fantesy that is Modern Intelectualism

"Without books where would we be" has been the cry of people promoting higher education, but there is one detail left out of such a concept, consideration of the source of those books. A turn for the worse has occured, humans have elevated themsleves above their limited understanding bypassing humility, the paths laid down by others and discarding the unknown as irrelevant until determined relevant by the newcomers. More knowledge has been lost by a disregard for our forebarrers than can ever be recovered and too many will suffer as a result.

Being teachable is an attribute of youth up to a point but there was a time when we were ever learning and growing from it but now we are ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of what we really need. We might have once been learning and growing in understanding but as a nation we have trended toward pride and that leads to a fall, and how great that fall will be.

From where does knowledge come; books, training, experience or is it a gift in its purest essence? Some have said that necessity is the mother of invention but isn't life the oppotunity for inspiration and life has come but isn't it more about drawing a breath and forcing blood through veins? Life takes on new meaning with each challenge but if those challenges only lead to artificial obsticles then we've missed the chance at wisdom and have only outsmarted another foe.

How much further along would we be if we worked in unison toward the finishing of the building rather than knocking it down at every turn out of resentment or guile because its authorship was a former tenent and we regard it our right to do things differently? Being stewards is our calling and their is none higher than watching over someone elses field of dreams. But sadly in these modern times we are taught disregard for former things and our losses have been many. We may find ourselves in adaptive roles but are we inventing somethings totally new or just applying what we've been shown to a current application? So what does that make us, at the very least immitators and as such we owe much to those who have preceeded us and in the present to inspiration which does not come from within. If anything good comes from us it is not of ourselves for self does not do good.

In this western nation, were once the hope of freedom lived, a plague grew out from where knowledge was planted and became a weed not at all the original but a figment of perverse imagination, foolishness, at best an intruder into the garden of hope. Loved by the selfserving yet the scourge of the unwary.