The Paraplane was one of the early powered parachutes, possibly the first. They are powered by two Solo 210cc 15hp engines which are mounted in a horizontally opposed configuration each driving its own propeller in counter rotating fashion with coaxial shafts. These images are of PM1 models. Serials# 1447 and 2001

1985 ParaPlane Model PM1 Serial# 2001

1984 magneto flywheel and recoil starter cup. This assembly is found under an orange metal housing
containing the recoil starter components.

Note that on newer Solo 210cc engines, that have the High Energy Ignition System (HEIS), the magneto flywheel has
the same appearance but the recoil cup does does not have the lip extending beyond the cup's circumference.
You can see the HEIS modification at this link to a southerskies website.

1985 magneto flywheel with integral recoil starter cup. This is found under
the black plastic cover which contains the recoil starter components and the ignition coil.

Verticle storage and Narrow door gadget 33" capability also
doubles as a loading carridge, loadable into a Subaru Wagon.

Steve Snyder's foldable design can be optimized with a few minor additions.
Carridge can eliminate the need for a trailer and
makes setup for flight impressive.

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