Reflection Check: Isolated Craters
Isolated craters are those which make, at the most, slight contact with another crater but not enough to disturbe complete circularity.
The upper crater could be considered isolated. To larger image To larger image
You'll see fingers extending beyond the rim of the upper left crater and they match closely   the ends
The rays in the interior are of particular interest. To larger image of the fingers in the image below.
Credit: Wal Thornhill
Looking down the barrel of a plasma focus device. Note the similarity to the interior radial features in the planetary craters and the CRT, crater-like, features
To larger image

With these comparisons i am led to think that brief discharges, not unlike those in CRT experiments, have a role in crater formation, along side or simultaneous to sustained Electrical Discharge Machining.

Electric Spark Scars

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