There is a way
to quickly eliminate


Yes there is and this is no joking matter.

Lay on your back and place something under you neck to support it comfortably so your throat and mouth are in closer alignment. To be more comfortable bend at your knees to ease the stress on your back, this is optional and varies with each body.

Now that you are in this position be real sensitive to how your throat is spasming, but try to relax and breath through your mouth. In a matter of minutes the spasms should cease. If not, you'll probably feel the need to swallow and as you do it properly by pressing you tongue against the roof of your mouth, not your teeth.

You are only moments away from relief so go get some back time.

We are wonderfully made and sometimes we need to get into the proper orientation to ensure that the wonder of this is experienced.

Brought to you by Divine inspiration and experience.
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