The Biblical Foundation of America

The ethics behind a successful democracy

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If we are not familiar with our foundation we will not recognize it's deterioration.

Will anyone in the news media or congress recognize that the primary reason that america succeeded as a nation is because of the moral foundation established from biblical principles that were functioning in the majority of the early population of this nation?

There should be no false expectation of success in Iraq when we consider all that is working against us.

We can learn much from the lead up to war prior to WWII which can tell us just how far the u.s. government has gone to force a conflict that will serve it's objectives. That was then but now is not much different, actually probably worse.

A proven, but ignored, fact is the steps that F.D. Roosevelt and others under him took to provoke Japan to act in defense of its territories. The attack was not a surprise to some administration officials or military leaders. When their code breakers brought them warnings they were ignored. This is Not much different the pre 9-11 period. Many in the intelligence agencies had clues that were not brought to the attention of the right people. In the case of John O'Neil, His efforts were obstructed by key people above him and in adjacent agencies.

Their would be little surprise in my mind to learn that those warnings were deliberately ignored in order to get the population to go along with aggression. That tactic worked on the american public that got behind the move in america to enter WWII.

If our leaders can't be trusted and they don't set a good example for the population is there any wonder that the population doesn't rise to the same high moral standard that existed in the shaping of this nation?

A recent war story is an ironic example of the unmistakable need for high standards of character in the soldiers that represent America, especially in misguided endeavors such as building a u.s.-type democracy in Iraq.

The story involves a white soldier from Arizona who's vehicle was blown up by a roadside bomb. He lived to tell about how a local Iraqi man attempted to warn them by hand gestures of the danger to the passing vehicle, waving to stop there forward progress. The soldier reacted to the warning with his own gesture, flipping the guy off in common u.s. fashion. Moments later they hit the roadside bomb.

Guideline for conduct

The Ten commandments were a basic model for behavior to the american public until 1962 when the supreme court ruled that they be extracted from the public education arena. They mis-applied a statement by Thomas Jefferson in which he assured a church group that the government would not interfere in the affairs of the church because of a wall of separation established by the constitution. This statement has been turned on its head and now prevents the mentioning of biblical principles in the public schools. Since then, morality in america has slipped dramatically to new lows.


The u.s. constitution declares clearly that our rights are not the result of governments or man's policies but are the intention of our creator and therefore are unalienable. With these rights we have a responsibility of respect for all people. In the absence of the influence from the bible, and the resulting ethics, the founders held very little hope for the survival of this nation.

The ten commandments are mankind's guide to a civil society and are absolutely necessary in the absence of a guiding conscience in the individuals involved. A guiding conscience would be a normal part of the human experience had mankind not become corrupted by selfishness.

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David Barton, in a video titled America's Godly Heritage, goes into great detail on the subject of the Bible's influence upon the founders of the constitution and subsequent articles. This is a tremendous reference toward an understanding of this nation's strong beginnings and its recent deterioration.


An important reference to understand america's foundation is the book;
Wall of Misconception by Peter Lillback.

Personal observation and impressions


Where will america's influence lead us if it is not guided by biblical principles?

What might happen if it abandons it's first love?

I would propose that america's success as a democracy was also, and primarily, the product of the hand of God, but this doesn't mean that our future is secured.

There is a chance that God's plan 'B' with america's success could be to put in place the necessary characteristics to allow and enable growth capable of fulfilling His objectives.

Even so, he is still giving mankind every chance to change their outcome by changing their ways.

If we fail to chose righteousness, as a nation, he is therefore justified in his sentence upon us in the corruption of what he inspired the founders to implement.

Rather than america becoming a tool of righteousness it quickly became an instrument of death and destruction. The native population sure can attest to this and so too might the Iraqi's at this point in time. These are two dramatically separated periods but imperialism and manifest destiny could be assumed to both, it was certainly present in the former times. But the destiny we now seem manifest to fulfill is to pave the path for global government and the horrors that implies, based on God's prophetic word. What will look like peace will turn to tragedy.

Prophetic elements talk of hi-tech capabilities needing to be in place before the final judgments on the world. Also we are told that a power would be drawn, by a hook in their jaw, into the middle east, setting the stage for the final conflict. America has fulfilled this role. It has also set itself up for the severest punishment because much will be expected of a country to whom much was given. The further america drifts away from righteous behavior the more it can expect severe judgment. It already has a heap of skeletons from misdeeds carried out by the government against the population, and the population against itself, yet america continues on misguided paths. We are told that a willful king would rise in the last days and bring destruction upon mankind.


Stubbornness is not a favorable attribute when mixed with ignorance. And the highest level of ignorance was demonstrated by america's attack on Iraq to force a change in it's government and attempt to set up an american-style democracy among people who have a different value standard than what was present in america's founders when america became a nation. Beyond this political obsticle there is an even more obvious challange to an american success. Our presence in Saudi Arabia enraged Muslim factions prior to 9-11 so thinking that another adverse reaction can be expected if occupation continues in Iraq is not beyond rational thought.

People seem to have forgotten the conditions of that region prior to the formation of Islam. It was Muhammad that united the warring factions to form the Islamic nation. From reading the english translation of the Qu'ran I come away with the impression that Muhammad was a messanger that had knowledge of the bible and was pointing people to that reference, including Jesus to a point, but some of his statements sound like vague recollections of what he either read or heard. He connects correclty the Arabs to Ishmeal but he seems to not emphasise the law of Moses. Recognition of Jesus as the Son of God seems clearly dismissed (Sura 25:2). If he was trying to unify the Arabs around their common herritage, Abraham, which they share with the Jews, it seems that they have now lost sight of that unifying effort.

Without this unifying point, or being united by a national vision that rises above sectarian differences, a return to a fragmented philosophical condition would bring them right back to pre-Muhammad conditions of tribalism.

If america's role in the world was to be a light through christian principles can we expect that light to be conveyed from the tip of a bayonet? For a country such as Iraq, in the absence of an acceptance or understanding of our core principles, our presence is likely to do more to undermine their national identity. Leaning toward peace may also be perceived as siding with america.


An abstract though may clarify the road ahead; whoever you idolize you will tend to emulate. For america this means if we are not idolizing Christ but rather, sports figures, movie stars and fictionalized characters, will we be led by right thinking? For Iraq and Islam, who will step up and be a figurehead that will lead them to new goals that are not in conflict with their neighbors and will this be in agreement with western ideals? We can speculate but if they reject the peace maker, Christ, and the unifying vision of Muhammad and fail to unite under their own social goals of peace, self control and a resistance to divisive factions, then what can america do except become (or deliver) another strongman. The latter being more desirable for it separates us and removes a point of contention from the region. This scenario, however, could go horribly wrong at the hands of a deceiver. The next strongman may be the worst, if I read God's word correctly. As a nation we must lure the people away from the distruction that is lurking in the hands of the next strongman who comes as a peacemaker and unifier but will actually turn into a deceiver.

In an abstract way america has already shown this type of behavior so as a nation we must be sure that our government is carry the mantel of rightousness as its highest objective while stearing us away from the globalism that may bring a false peace.

Fear leads people to build walls, but faith creates open doors and tears down barriers, such as economic, geographical and social.