The Biblical Foundation of America

The ethics behind a successfull democracy

If we aren't familiar with our national foundation we won't recognize it's deterioration.

Will anyone in the news media or congress recognize that the primary reason that america succeeded as a nation is because of the moral foundation established from biblical principles that were functioning in the majority of the early population of this nation?

What model will lead us into the future? The model that the founders use to establish this country, or the distorted model being formed in the minds of the public by the news media, predjudiced educators and hollywood? If it is the latter our fate is very uncertain.

A recent war story is an ironic example of the unmistakable need for high standards of character in the soldiers that represent America, especially in misguided endeavors such as building a u.s.-type democracy in Iraq.

The story involves a white soldier from Arizona who's vehicle was blown up by a roadside bomb. He lived to tell about how a local Iraqi man attempted to warn them by hand gestures of the danger to the passing vehicle, waving to stop there forward progress. The soldier reacted to the warning with his own gesture, flipping the guy off in common u.s. fashion. Moments later they hit the roadside bomb.

Guideline for conduct

Even though legislating morality was determined, in biblical times, to be impossible due to mankind's rebelious heart, the Founders of america still regarded the Ten commandments to be a basic model for behavior necessary to a successful government over the american public. They gave sway to the often repeated and mis-applied portion of a statement by Thomas Jefferson in which he assured a church group that the government would not interfere in the affairs of the church because of a wall of separation established by the constitution's The first ammendment;
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".
This statement has been turned on its head and now prevents the mentioning of biblical principles in the public schools. Since then, morality in america has slipped dramatically to new lows.

The u.s. constitution declares clearly that our rights are not the result of governments or man's policies but are the intention of our creator and therefore are unalienable. With these rights we have a responsibility of respect for all people. In the absence of the influence from the bible and the resulitng ethics the founders held very little hope for the survival of this nation.

The ten commandments are mankinds guide to a civil society and are absolutely necessary in the absence of a guiding conscience in the individuals involved. A guiding conscience would be a normal part of the human experience had mankind not become corrupted by selfishness.

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David Barton, in a video titled America's Godly Heritage, goes into great detail on the subject of the Bible's influence upon the founders of the constitution and subsequent articles. This is a tremendous reference toward an understanding of this nation strong beginings and its recent deterioration.


An important reference to understand america's foundation is the book;
Wall of Misconception by Peter Lillback.