The recent discovery of vascular tissue in dinosaur fossils should be shaking up the scientific community and forcing them to re-evaluate the age of these critters but instead they're are fanticising about the possibility of a Jurassic park option.

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Discovery of probable soft tissue from dinosaur fossils Image:Dino tissue.jpgIn the March 2005 issue of Science, Mary Higby Schweitzer et al. announced material, after rehydrating, that resembled soft tissue was discovered inside a Tyrannosaurus rex leg bone from the Hell Creek Formation in Montana, from about 68 million years ago.[24]. When the fossilized bone was treated over several weeks to remove mineral content (demineralize) from the fossilized bone marrow cavity, Schweitzer found evidence of intact structures such as blood vessels, bone matrix, and connective tissue (bone fibers). Scrutiny under microscope further revealed the putative dinosaur soft tissue had retained fine structures (microstructures) even at the cellular level. It has not been made clear of what this flexible material is actually composed, although many news reports immediately linked it with the movie "Jurassic Park", and the interpretation of the artifact as well as the relative importance of Dr. Schweitzer's discovery is still undecided.

The T-Rex leg bone from Montana, after repeated tests produced similar results as the Madagascar samples which showed the initial soft tissue evidence.

Several details mentioned in a NOVA Science program were the concentration of fossils into locations, the improbability of finding soft tissue because of know processes of decay, but one item left in tact was the age they've decided upon. What a blend, a pattern of locations that speak of land-locking, remains that do not show the type of decay expected over millions of years and mix in a heavy dose of indoctrination and the result is tunnel vision.

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