Freefall Deployable Paraglider

2010 Update: October 17, Standby for further results of ongoing developments following the contributions and skills of a CReW-dog to take a shortcut to deployment,, transferring from a 2 stack.
A gallery of many other deployment shots, like this one , is growing and is available.

Aug 25
I was stuck on how to simplify deployment of an Aircraft-deliverd paraglider deployment system. So, today, just got some inspiration to scale back on the staging and focus on canopy-attached direct bag setup. We are on our way,,,, please stand by.

Balloon-drop over SkydiveAz
Photo by: Michael Schenk (Australia)
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2009 update
Update Feb.08
   Paraglider Deployment Bag

Here begins an adventure of innovation to join the hang-time of Paragliding
to one of several delivery options within Parachuting. Amoung these options is Balloon drops with full skydiving parachute system being worn. This is the current phase for familiarity of the various behavioral characteristics associated with paragliders. Stepping through a staged deployment is the best way to determine the wings behavior at increasing speeds. Several other steps will be taken along the way to bridge the gap between slider efficiency and fallrate management.

Transfering from a deployed freefall parachute to a Paraglider wing is another option
This project will test the feasibility of several approaches for getting a standard paraglider wing deployed from a freefall scenario. Not everyone lives at a premier paragliding site and wearing a motor still has its limitations, so take me to altitude by aircraft and drop me on top of the thermals.

More hang-time is my goal.

It may be achieved through a paraglider or some other creative use of our parachutes. Keeping it predictable will make it safer. Leaning toward the strengths of
the ram-air concept will contribute to safety in the same way that understanding and
utilizing a ram-air wing's vulnerabitities to our advantage will
keep certain aspects of this concept managable.

With high levels of predictability we'll maintain safety.

In another phase, To facilatate the freefall deployment of a paraglider wing without exposing it to freefall forces, I will be attempting to piggy-back the paraglider in a cacoon on the top skin of a freefall parachute. The cacoon will open up as soon as the parachute is fully inflated. The paraglider will open to a biplane configuration with the parachute below and behind. The parachute will then be collapsed and gathered. This will all occur somewhat automatically except for the final stage of the parachute being gathered up and stowed in a sack.

At the very least, this will be great video.

Paraglider Deployment Bag
Available when I am happy with the design:

To facilitate the deployment of a paraglider from a balloon, helicopter or in free fall, A special bag is recommended which will contain the wing and accomplish a staged deployment of the lines and wing without exerting excessive forces during extraction of the material.

This bag will accommodate a hanging configuration, for balloon or helio, and
will have pilot-chute attachment capabilities.

Due to the volume of material being contained and the need for a compact size, special considerations are being built into the bag so that one bag will serve several potential uses without compromising functionality at a key stage in the deployment, the stress-free extraction of the wing.

Several sizes will be available.

Update 2009
Testing paraglider opening characteristics

Several videos, from different angles and drops, up for paraaz07.

Please let me know what you see out there, especially videos of paraglider drops and wing-stall recoveries. Pictures or referals, to people who have made deployment gadgets or are making paragliders strong enough for this use, would be appreciated also.

Thanks in advance! dzp

For the sake of safety and ensuring that no detail is overlooked,
a yahoo forum will be the centralized location
for all concept information, warnings, updates and equipment previews.

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