Negative-Spider Aspect (Album 3)
  Album 3 is dedicated to the negative spiders that occured dusing
the passover-monitor tests. The discharges that formed crater patterns on one monitor also formed negative relief lichtenberg figures (spiders) on the other monitor's screen.

The visible characteristics of these spiders give an indication that the discharge was a single pulse and considerably strong
as contrasted to the discharges between my finger and the screen during earlier tests. See album 2.

In upper right & midl-left image, you will see the spiders that were closely orientated to crater features on the other monitor, image bottom left. I cannot say for sure which spider is the result of a particular crater but the quantity on each screen is close to equal.

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You can see the various depths that the streamers will penetrate to clean material away but this is just half of the discharge process. Material has the potential to be deposited back to the streamer paths and if that happens it will be piled tightly along the center of the path.
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Here is a spider that is partly negative and also has developed a positive aspect. You are seeing a redeposition of material to the streamer path. Material is typically removed in the initialdischarge yet some additional post discharge deposition occurs either immediately or on subsequent passes.
This is a cutout of a larger image. Click on the image to go to a larger version. There is also an album of
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Upper Monitor Features, Session 2

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