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PREMIERED MAY 2 - 7, 2022
Home page of 2000 MULES

A disk was by manifest,,
but some reprobate took the disk
and left the package behind..

See Trailer also
On Odysee - 2000 Mules
Recorded and Tracked
2000 mules

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          Rain = Desert Pudding - with Gravel-Topping !!
SDAz-Weather Radar
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Grand Canyon 'of Legend' & in-3D Electric Universe research Cosmic-plasma and Mythology
Planetary features from Electric Discharge Video Play List Cosmic-Plasma in Mythology

(mytho)-Catastrophism.comSociety for Interdisciplinary StudiesPlasma-UniverseElectric-CosmosPlasmalabCosmic-plasma in mythology

Research-material available during your visit in addition to supplies, hardware, tools and assistance.

Recover your
Victorian Antique
for Sale, and more
[To fund] ESS-CRT 2011 Electric Sun in 3D Plasma-polygon

A person might wonder,,,, "Have they been watching us" Arch like a lizzard?

2011 started off with an awesome Crew Camp at Skydive Arizona and some of it got captured in 3D.
to larger image

To Anaglyph image.

Product Review 3D Camera/camcorder Aiptek Ddd11x Not Favorable

Hail-formed crater features, just in the nick of time!

>>Go directly to:  electric discharge scarring of celestial bodies,   and also updates<<

2010 3D video development shows Electric Wind forming planetary-like features. (watch?v=GfPzOahd1Wk)

>>>>'''New development in Freefall Deployable Paraglider''
Oct17, 2010 Facilitating a successful transfer (the 2-stack way) Crew-stack to paraglider swap.<<<<
Para-swap project, Pictures have been added from today's success.

>>>>> Improved Removable Deployment system (RDS) stageable, simple, versitile and inexpensive. <<<<<

Info page coming soon; Topic: Simplified Advanced Skydiving,
A return to the basics so flying--in the advanced method of sit-flying--can be accomplished with less struggle and frustration.
V-sit, and get the most out of your tickets.
Free ground introduction during your next visit to Skydive Arizona. Contact '3dzp'

If you arrived here directly, you'll find subject links below the next images.
e-mail contact for info or phone message contact:

Lizzard Habitat brings results. yet also another human-caused tragedy. Sadly, Lizzards can't tred in deep cold water.
The next generations brought many newcomers to the habitat which by 2014
the lizfamily has shown their commical side and patterns of behavior which are worthy of close investigation. These critters are amazing.

>>>>> New development: Easier viewing of 3D.....View side-by-side content by combining two viewing methods. <<<<<

Most recent 3D additions Tunnel time for 4 and a funjump video. VIDEO' you say?

Yes there is 3D video.. Both on youtube, and many more possible from previous footage from earlier in 2010,
a lot of Balloon flights and jumps. See april's material at a new html page.

Brazilian National Record Skydiving Formation Completion, 84way, Ground to air view.

Balloon-jump pics  B-25 Mitchell

>>>>>> Make your own polarized viewing setup for side-by-side 3D content. <<<<<<

Make your own digital 3D Viewer   Make your own 3D pictures, its easy.

And made even easier and more viewable with Stereo Photo Maker 4.2 And Stereo Movie Maker
Watch for wiggle images in these pages. You'll find that feature in the file menu once you've imported images.
Any images in these pages created with SPM will have those letters in the image name.

your dive is here
Click the image and you'll find 3D Freefall pics.

Other areas of interest

paraaz07 on youtube mouse toboggan
shower-crown electric-wind-experiment electric discharge patterns

On youtube channel: paraaz07

From here you will branch out into a number of different directions,
science, innovation, activity, preventive care, politics, and personal views and observations.

Like this recent entry page another path is Dahlen Designs.com

First some Product warnings:>>

>>>-About the shutter-glasses viewing method for 3D.

>>>-and for collectors of 3D film strips.
Tru-vue filmstrip delamination

Many great Truview stereoscopic film strip titles are on hand and may be sold from here to other conservators. E S S

Books for sale

Just for fun and a bit of adventure Paraaz.com

3D Photography Stereo perspective

Find here items being sold to raise funds for these projects. You can also contribute (through paypal)
to the cause through purchase of images or videos or getting your own taken or turn me loose on a project you have in mind.

Ground to Air video samples can be found on youtube under user name skydiveazg2a. A new IS lens was purchased last year and improvements can be noted by comparison with older videos. A mobile/elevated platform capability is also used to get the shots from exit to impact.

Anywhere Mobile Solar