NPA 2012 Expo of Experiments: Arc-discharges of Dust Covered CRT make Planetary-like Features


See also parallel grooves


Dry ice-blocks formed
Grooves from ridge of
Russel Crater's Dune
Blocks of dry ice have been shown to form grooves like these.
Pulled-back view
Image Credit:
NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems

Note closely the right-angle grooves^^>>
their orientation is consistent
Interior and exterior grooves
and ridges are common

More images of
Arc-formed Features

Despite all these simalar features made with electric discharge,
there is a far more plausable explanation, as of 2013, from researchers at JPL.
They propose dry ice blocks skidding across the surface, and they back it with experiments


Match to CRT feature found in Gale crater on Mars.

Mars Image, Inside Gale Crater

CRT surface........Another view

Better images of Interior Grooves

If you shot any photos or video of these experiments during the Expo please contact me.
Thin were the plans of mice and men..(tyadt)