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Another slide show of earlier (06-2010) results via this link

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Discharge tendril trench through deep material [IMG] azrg3-12471-s70.jpg 19-Jun-2011 12:06 137k

Large dischages to moving probe cause scalloped crater chain [IMG] big-sclup12300.jpg 16-Jun-2011 15:14 87k

[TXT] birkeland-crt.html 24-Jun-2011 10:45 4k

Craters formed with small mixing bowl as probe [IMG] bwl-rg3-12386-s70.jpg 16-Jun-2011 12:30 184k [IMG] bwl-rg3-12389-c.jpg 16-Jun-2011 12:36 239k
Crater chain made with electric cord exterior sheath [IMG] c-chain-12448-s30.jpg 19-Jun-2011 08:35 46k [IMG] c-chain-12448-s70.jpg 19-Jun-2011 08:35 172k Overlapping Craters with amazing detail [IMG] ccec12455-s30.jpg 19-Jun-2011 12:06 35k [IMG] ccec12455-s70.jpg 19-Jun-2011 12:06 142k Electrical Artworks from the book Electrostatic Experiments, G.W. Francis
See parallel Grooves and dune grooves images and video [IMG] chalk-ramifications1..> 26-Jun-2011 08:55 89k Deposits to location of surface discharge to computer cable end
See High speed video from Phantom camera
showing first stage in spider formation [IMG] ckw-3363-s45.jpg 11-Jun-2011 09:18 91k [IMG] ckw-3369-s45.jpg 11-Jun-2011 09:18 74k [IMG] ckw-3376-s45.jpg 15-Jun-2011 22:07 92k [IMG] ckw-3568-s45.jpg 14-Jun-2011 07:04 80k [IMG] ckw-3568-s45t.jpg 16-Jun-2011 22:08 108k [IMG] ckw-3568-s45t2.jpg 16-Jun-2011 22:15 108k Chain of spiders from insulated cord's exterior
See Birkeland-crt.html [IMG] cord-chain-12394-s30..> 18-Jun-2011 08:08 66k [IMG] cord-chain.jpg 18-Jun-2011 09:04 46k [IMG] cord-rg3-12394-s70.jpg 17-Jun-2011 09:03 216k [IMG] cordchain-12410-s30.jpg 18-Jun-2011 09:27 46k [IMG] cordchain-12410-s70.jpg 18-Jun-2011 09:04 213k String of craters from discharge to RCA probe. [IMG] cratr-string-12516-s..> 26-Jun-2011 13:23 148k Crater formed in vacuum during Capacitor plate experiment [IMG] crtr-n-vac146-s55..> 26-Jul-2011 14:23 178k More chains of spiders from cord experiment [IMG] crd-chain-12431-s70.jpg 18-Jun-2011 10:21 216k [IMG] crd-chn-12433-s60c.jpg 18-Jun-2011 14:21 88k [IMG] crdchn-12433-s60c.jpg 18-Jun-2011 14:13 115k [IMG] crdchn-12433s-70.jpg 18-Jun-2011 11:41 157k 2007 experiment produces Tycho-like radials
See Burst video "Short-13-1.mpg" and burst-n-twister videos.
'Very strong discharge in video foreground' (internal short) [IMG] d1-13-1radials.jpg 20-Jun-2011 17:25 86k Raised spiders from CRT discharge to computer connector [IMG] d10jl-3338-s45.jpg 11-Jun-2011 09:18 134k [IMG] d10jl-3341-s45c.jpg 11-Jun-2011 09:18 78k [IMG] d10jl-3345-s45.jpg 11-Jun-2011 09:18 141k Trench-like String of spiders [IMG] dc-spdr-chain12452-s..> 19-Jun-2011 09:15 202k Electrical Artwork From G.W. Francis' Book Electrostatic Experiments
See parallel-grooves.html and dome/dune grooves images [IMG] discharge-paths.jpg 26-Jun-2011 08:43 63k [IMG] dome-grvs-12508-s70.jpg 26-Jun-2011 12:52 98k [IMG] dome-grvs-12512-s70.jpg 26-Jun-2011 12:52 143k [IMG] dune-12529s-35.jpg 26-Jun-2011 07:58 57k [IMG] dune-12529s-70.jpg 26-Jun-2011 07:58 208k [IMG] dune-12539-s35.jpg 26-Jun-2011 12:52 49k [IMG] dune-12539-s70.jpg 26-Jun-2011 12:52 171k [IMG] dune-12540-s70.jpg 26-Jun-2011 12:52 172k [IMG] dune-12548-s70.jpg 26-Jun-2011 12:52 177k [IMG] dune-grooves-12549-s..> 26-Jun-2011 12:52 163k [IMG] dune-grooves-12555-s..> 26-Jun-2011 12:52 153k [IMG] dune-pos12524-s35.jpg 26-Jun-2011 07:58 55k [IMG] dune-pos12524-s70.jpg 26-Jun-2011 07:58 183k [TXT] paralell-grooves.html 26-Jun-2011 13:33 1k

2011 Clustered raised spiders [IMG] r0012322-s60.jpg 09-Jun-2011 21:35 111k
[IMG] r0012325-s60.jpg 09-Jun-2011 21:35 157k [IMG] r0012333-s60.jpg 09-Jun-2011 21:35 167k [IMG] r0012335-s60.jpg 09-Jun-2011 21:35 143k [IMG] r0012343-s60.jpg 09-Jun-2011 21:21 160k [IMG] rco12269s75.jpg 16-Jun-2011 15:14 171k Material deposit after discharge captured with high speed video
See video from Phantom camera, on disks, drives and downloads. [IMG] rg3-12346s70.jpg 15-Jun-2011 07:55 178k [IMG] rg3-12358-s70.jpg 14-Jun-2011 11:48 131k [TXT] rg3-12359-s70.html 14-Jun-2011 21:27 1k [IMG] rg3-12359-s70.jpg 14-Jun-2011 21:09 144k [IMG] rg3-12418-s70.jpg 18-Jun-2011 09:36 207k [IMG] rg3-381.382z-95.jpg 14-Jun-2011 09:23 127k [IMG] rg3-p12346-s70.jpg 14-Jun-2011 07:15 178k [IMG] rg3-p12355-s95.jpg 14-Jun-2011 07:04 182k [IMG] rg3-p365.364z-s95.jpg 14-Jun-2011 09:36 264k [IMG] rg3l-p365z-cs60.jpg 15-Jun-2011 07:43 51k Discharge to metal ball makes very
symmetrical negative relief spiders [IMG] s-ball-0575-s35c.jpg 16-Jun-2011 15:14 126k [IMG] s-ball-rco12278-c.jpg 16-Jun-2011 15:14 153k Side swipe by a conductor
See Birkeland-crt.html [IMG] sdswp12489-s30.jpg 24-Jun-2011 10:43 27k [IMG] sdswp12489-s70.jpg 24-Jun-2011 10:43 104k [IMG] sdswp12492-s30.jpg 24-Jun-2011 10:25 31k [IMG] sdswp12492-s70.jpg 24-Jun-2011 10:25 127k Troughs caused by vibration [IMG] (vibration) troughs-3318-s30.jpg 26-Jun-2011 13:23 31k [IMG] (vibration)troughs-3318-s50.jpg 26-Jun-2011 13:23 117k Crater cluster from looped cord [IMG] (crater cluster)ts-rg3-12444-s70.jpg 18-Jun-2011 14:34 211k