Electro Mass Lifting of material 2012

Evident in Mass-electro-lifting is a potential mechanism for demonstrating large scale sculpting of planetary bodies as material is disrupted or removed during close-encounters with electrically charged neighboring bodies.
We have the results from recent experiments to forward that possibility.

As planetary feature go, Valles Marineris registers high on the list of mysteries being given an electrical sculpting explanation, and it might be from a single arc as proposed by Wal Thornhill of the Thunderbolts project but some of the features within it seem to call for closer examination and further experiments to replicate as many internal features as possible. At a previous page I began to offer evidence from CRT experiments which occurred during efforts to replicate dendritic patterns found within Valles Marineris and associated with many other features found around Mars. Those experiments led to a variety of setups and one has begun to open another avenue of possibilities for a mechanism which leaves sharp cut rims, alcoves, hanging remnants and flattened floors, to name a few. I've seen this process during much earlier experiments at lower power levels and thinner material so a pattern is growing.

From experiments with varying depths of material and using the same power and probe arrangement, i've seen that material can be lifted from the surface during a dark-mode interaction, also described as electric wind. The stresses of the interaction lift material leaving trenches of varying widths as can be seen in the first row of images below. An important detail to know is that arcs wouldn't penetrate the material of this depth readily. If one did, it would leave a very small entry feature and when the probe was moved the arc would stick and jump with consistant spacing. The occurrance of mass electro-lifting seemed to happen when long probe distances and thick material depths were present, an arc couldn't be readily establish but interaction was visible as particulates were agitated.
Large scale removal of material to form the trenches or clearing of material as seen in the right image was the work of invisible electrical forces that preceded the arc. This electrical effect was also seen in earlier experiments with an ionizer providing power. Read about that and compare the pictures seen in the directories dedicated to this effort.


At left, in this second row, is an image from the ionizer-powered experiment.
The ball-end of this trench was the result of electro-lifting of a mass of material.
In the video (tyuyW3syhPU) it looked like tossing chips of dirt, as did the images above.
The center image shows that the lifting stopped when the arc began. Mass-lifting cleared material to form the trench and and when the probe approach thinner material the lifting stopped because the arc caused concentration of energy rather than a broad stressful electrical interaction in dark mode.
The right image shows parallel features running at right angle to a remnant rim, consistant with excavation forces seen in off-axis corona experiments.

3D image for side-by-side viewing

Compare the images above to a Mars image claimed by some to be the result of sculpting by a "traveling electric-arc"...
This article had close timing with my experiments for this group,
but were not regarded as relevant
possibly due to these experiments showing another mechanism than their theories propose for certain features.

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Electro Mass-lifting was seen to tear large chuncks from the surface,
which exposed the surface below, and then a few visible arcs left their mark across the flat floored trench.