These file are available for download from yousendit through to the end of the NPA 2011 conference.

Others will be added so people can be refered easily to here or to dahlenaz07 channel on youtube for a quick peek at 'some' of these and others from old experiments.

some of these down loads have expired. If you are interested, i can point you to an alternative viewing location or upload it again. (donations welcomed)

List order is, most recent addition to oldest.

(expired)recorded CRT experiment explanation number 2 Passover monitor experiment.

Polygonal structures formed in crt experiment with Plasma Ball

(expired)Parallel Grooves from simulated dune during CRT experiment, youtube video

(expired)Vacuum-chamber formed craters

(expired)Live passover monitor experiment video. results pending.

(expired)Mercury spiders and Mars craters in CRT experiment

(expired) Poster presentation in gif format for use at NPA11

(expired)From the start, charge exchange took material in both directions

(expired)Fiber glass surprise, craters that grew and also spiders that were made

(expired) Discharge burst on CRT with vorti activity

(expired)Slow motion version of burst and vorti,,, 200mb file,, bring a lunch

(expired)Higher contrast video of first stages of spider formation

(expired) High speed video of surface discharge and spider formation



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