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Thanks to all for the help presenting ess-crt11

This page has not been updated in three days. New images to parent directory can be best found by date of addition for slideshow usage.
An image key is below, but most have catchy names, except the dsc series.
Of these dsc205 and before are Cap-plate craters and vac-setup.

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Another slideshow of more recent (2011)experiment results

Index of /electric-spark-scars

Index of /electric-spark-scars

      Name                    Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory 29-Jun-2011 08:33 - [TXT] available video downloads from experiments 6-Jul-2011 04:45 1k [TXT] 11ess-Partial-slideshow 6-Jul-2011 04:45 1k [TXT] 10-experiments.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 1k [TXT] 1988_table.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 2k Metamorphosis of material at electric discharge location [TXT] 1st-trench-view2.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 1k
Craterchain formed later looked like one seen on Ganymede [TXT] 1st-trench-view3.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 1k [TXT] 1st-trench-view4.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 1k [TXT] 1st-trench-view5.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 1k [TXT] 1st-trench.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 1k
Deposit of material into positive releif feature [IMG] 1stposdepcut-5-12.44..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 44k [IMG] 1vts-18-1-402.04-s13..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 76k
Mercury-like Spiders on CRT [IMG] 1vts-18-1-434.20-s13..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 84k [IMG] 1vts-18-1-513.21-s13..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 74k [TXT] 2004_table.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 2k [TXT] 2005_table.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 2k [TXT] 2007_table.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 4k
Mars crater with micro-craters floor and rim fingers.
See poster 08 passover craters(po-crtrs) [IMG] 2200_cut_b-150sc.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 33k [IMG] 28lichtenberg-29s150..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 37k
Cap-plate and vac setup. Many 3D images(use box viewer) [TXT] 9experiments.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 1k [TXT] FFfractureee.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 1k
From Fiber surprise video [IMG] Fibrspdrlow5.38s50.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 19k [IMG] Lchtnbrg1476s50.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 10k [IMG] Lichtnbrg.jpeg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 10k [TXT] Llunar-pattern.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 6k [IMG] Negativespdr_23.44s6..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 31k [IMG] Negativespdr_4.60s70..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 33k [IMG] Radials1914s50.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 9k [IMG] Radials4749s50.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 9k [TXT] Static_Discharge_Pat..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 11k [TXT] T-thoughts-s.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 12k [   ] The_Hypersensitive_S..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 245k [TXT] about-project.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 2k
Craters which formed gradually in fiberglass.
See. Crater surprise video and fiber dud video clips. [IMG] aftershot_crop.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 18k [TXT] all.html 29-Jun-2011 08:33 1k
Too much is being swept into celestial archetype status [TXT] avenue_one.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 3k [TXT] backyard_experimente..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 15k [TXT] backyard_experimente..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 20k [TXT] backyard_experimente..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 18k [TXT] backyard_experimente..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 15k
Positive relief spider, see martian-microburst. [IMG] bigspdr_110s87.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 44k [IMG] bigspdr_110s87t.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 5k [IMG] bigspdr_2849s80.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 36k [IMG] bigspdr_2849s90.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 48k
Craters of Capacitor Plate experiment (beauties) [IMG] blcrtr112s45s75.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 73k
Preferential material depositing, Edge discharging.
See Spider surprise leadin, following, charge exchange video. [IMG] bottomedge.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 37k [IMG] brandberg-s80.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 51k [TXT] brandberg-vs-ess.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 3k
Fiberglas spiders from spider surprise video. [IMG] britespd0183.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 43k [IMG] britespd0183s80.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 31k [IMG] britespd0183t.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 3k [IMG] britespdr0210s99.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 42k [IMG] brtspdr9-22.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 33k [IMG] cap-craters81.82-s35..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 101k [TXT] cap-plate.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 17k
First CRT craters and crater chains (TV) [IMG] chains1a_2.66s80.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 18k [IMG] chains1a_9.24ct.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 14k [IMG] chains1a_9.24s99.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 27k
False 3d images of Mars' co2 jets,, possible link to methane mystery. [IMG] co2-jets-in-fls3d-2.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 130k [IMG] co2-jets-in-fls3d.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 135k
Image from source book, ????? [IMG] corona-2.75c.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 23k [IMG] corona-2.75ct.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 12k
Meteor Crater compared to splash crater,
See Bolide draining of Hopi Lake [IMG] crater-twins.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 38k [TXT] craterchains1.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 5k [TXT] cratercrazy.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 2k [TXT] crt-patterns-discuss..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 3k [TXT] crt-thread-pg1.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 84k [TXT] crt-thread-pg2.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 82k [TXT] crt-thread-pg3.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 78k [TXT] crt-thread-pg4.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 86k [TXT] crt-thread-pg5.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 79k [TXT] crtdust_discharge_im..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 8k
Trench interconnect two others (cap-plate exp) [IMG] d14-100-0fl-tef22-02..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 72k [IMG] d14-100-0fl-tef22-02..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 104k
Vacuum chamber setup [IMG] d15-f11-4m-enclosure..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 63k [IMG] d15-f11-4m-enclosure..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 102k
Gradually formed craters in fiberglass,
see Fiber dud video [IMG] dark_crtr_6.69.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 114k [IMG] dark_crtr_6.69s80.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 46k [IMG] dark_crtr_6.69t.jpg 26-Jun-2011 04:45 3k
[TXT] deposits.html 26-Jun-2011 04:45 3k
Mars crater in stero highlight interior fingers.
See Passover craters and po-spider opposites. From Screen pass video. [IMG] dpspm-9240.17943_205..> 26-Jun-2011 04:45 21k
Start of Capacitor plate craters images (many more finally found) [IMG] dsc086s40s75.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 59k [IMG] dsc088s40s75.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 57k [IMG] dsc119s45s55.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 47k [IMG] dsc119s45s75.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 80k [IMG] dsc125s40ctxt.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 44k [IMG] dsc144s40c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 15k [IMG] dsc146s40s75.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 70k [IMG] dsc153s25.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 45k [IMG] dsc155s25.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 45k [IMG] dsc163s25.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 53k [IMG] dsc166s25.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 38k [IMG] dsc180s25.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 32k [IMG] dsc187s25.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 31k [IMG] dsc194s25.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 39k [IMG] dsc200s25.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 19k [IMG] dsc205-206s41.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 53k
Start vacuum chamber experiment, expansion and contraction of objects. [IMG] dsc218s35.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 35k [IMG] dsc233s35.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 34k [IMG] dsc235s35.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 36k [IMG] dsc241s35.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 35k [IMG] dsc241s75.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 144k
Start splash (hydraulic) craters [IMG] dsc249s30c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 30k [IMG] dsc253s35c-splash.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 31k [IMG] dsc262c-splash.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 49k [IMG] dsc263s60c-splash.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 56k [IMG] dsc265s25-splash.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 40k [IMG] dsc265s40-splash.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 79k [IMG] dsc274cs80-splash.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 44k [IMG] dsc277cs85-splash.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 44k [IMG] dsc277s33-splash.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 75k
Craters from gassing of paint [IMG] dsc298-s45-gassing.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 51k [IMG] dsc298s55c-gassing.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 36k
Electrified salt/sand solution, See Sand Tots. in 'dsc' images [IMG] dsc318s55c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 24k [IMG] dsc318s65c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 34k [IMG] dsc318s90c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 51k [IMG] dsc319c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 75k [IMG] dsc320s70c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 84k [IMG] dsc325s70c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 98k [IMG] dsc326s95c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 92k
Start Sand tots (beginning sample) [IMG] dsc329s40.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 113k
Electricly cooked saltysand next to original sample [IMG] dsc332s35c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 45k [IMG] dsc337s35c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 47k [IMG] dsc337s60c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 123k [IMG] dsc341cs75.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 35k [IMG] dsc348s30c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 25k [IMG] dsc348s35c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 37k [IMG] dsc348s45c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 74k [IMG] dsc355s35c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 36k [IMG] dsc355s75c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 66k [IMG] dsc365s35c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 29k [IMG] dsc365s70c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 94k [IMG] dsc368s48c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 119k [IMG] dsc368s48cx4.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 27k [IMG] dsc379s60c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 105k [IMG] dsc379s60cs40.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 23k [IMG] dsc391s50c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 109k [IMG] dsc391s50cs40.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 24k [IMG] dsc423s35c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 32k
Salty sand unelectrified but compressed and dried [IMG] dsc423s60c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 111k [IMG] dsc426s35c-salty-san..> 31-May-2011 13:55 28k [IMG] dsc426s60c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 98k
Electrified sand/salt solution. First peek.
See salty-sand html page [IMG] dsc432s35c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 22k [IMG] dsc432s55c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 96k [IMG] dsc433s35c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 20k [IMG] dsc433s50c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 90k [IMG] dsc437s35.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 29k [IMG] dsc437s50.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 143k [IMG] dsc441s35.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 27k [IMG] dsc441s50.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 139k [IMG] dsc448s35c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 34k [IMG] dsc448s53c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 131k [IMG] dsc452s35c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 34k [IMG] dsc452s50c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 125k [IMG] dsc694s30.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 59k [IMG] dsc804s24.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 25k [IMG] dsc804s43.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 66k [IMG] dsc807s24c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 26k [IMG] dsc807s43c.jpg 31-May-2011 13:55 70k [IMG] dsc86s40s75.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:19 59k [IMG] dsc88s40s75.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:19 57k
Start Mars in 3D zp-style, (use Side-byside box viewer) [IMG] dzesp-014058.14335-1..> 26-Jun-2011 06:19 35k [IMG] dzesp_014058.14335_1..> 26-Jun-2011 06:19 101k [IMG] dzespm_014058.14335_..> 26-Jun-2011 06:19 63k [IMG] dzpspm-9240.17943_20..> 26-Jun-2011 06:19 67k [IMG] dzpspm-9572.16231_16..> 26-Jun-2011 06:19 103k [IMG] dzpspm-9572.16231_16..> 26-Jun-2011 06:19 61k [IMG] dzpspm-9572.16231_16..> 26-Jun-2011 06:19 33k [IMG] dzpspm-9906.10196_22..> 26-Jun-2011 06:19 92k [IMG] dzpspm-9906.10196_22..> 26-Jun-2011 06:19 90k [IMG] dzpspm-9906.10196_22..> 26-Jun-2011 06:19 112k [IMG] dzpspm2461.2039lr-s4..> 26-Jun-2011 06:19 17k [IMG] dzpspm2461.2039lr.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:19 48k [IMG] dzspm_012363.996_214..> 26-Jun-2011 06:19 163k
More craters on TV crt. [IMG] e-tv-45lt39-s80.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:19 40k [IMG] e-tv-45lt41-s80.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:19 43k [IMG] e-tv-field-s80.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:19 34k
Early electric wind experiment (material relocation) [IMG] e_wind1012s150.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:19 29k [IMG] e_wind_2009s165.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:19 35k [IMG] e_wind_2009t.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:19 4k
Negative spider on CRT from 2007 [IMG] faintspdr_302.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:28 91k [IMG] faintspdr_302s65.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:28 24k [IMG] faintspdr_302s80.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:28 45k [IMG] fbrspdr-req-3.11s73.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:28 49k [IMG] fbrspdr-req-3.11t.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:28 4k [TXT] featured-images.html 26-Jun-2011 06:05 3k [IMG] fiber_spdr25.55s65.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:28 26k [IMG] fiber_spdr25.55s99.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:28 50k [IMG] fiber_spdr25.55s99t.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:28 3k [IMG] fiber_spdr_25.68s45.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:28 12k [IMG] fiber_spdr_25.68s90.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:28 45k [IMG] fiberglassSpider5.12..> 26-Jun-2011 06:28 17k [IMG] fiberglass_spider5.1..> 26-Jun-2011 06:28 48k [IMG] fibrspdrlow07.38s99.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:28 47k [IMG] figure4.19-1.78s60.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:47 22k [IMG] hail-lr209.10.jpg 31-May-2011 16:08 145k [IMG] hail210c.jpg 31-May-2011 16:08 25k [TXT] hail211c.html 31-May-2011 16:08 1k [IMG] hail211c.jpg 31-May-2011 16:08 32k [IMG] hail212c.jpg 31-May-2011 16:08 22k [IMG] hail264-s75.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 158k [IMG] hail264-s75tc.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 42k [IMG] hail265-s75.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 161k [IMG] hail266-s1.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 203k [IMG] hail266-s1tc.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 34k [IMG] hyperion_s60.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:41 29k [IMG] interior-s80.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:38 38k [TXT] larger_image.html 26-Jun-2011 05:49 2k [TXT] links.html 26-Jun-2011 05:49 3k [IMG] lip-n-crater.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:49 12k [IMG] m30sig190lr-1.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 111k [IMG] m30sig190lr-s60.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 53k [TXT] macro-bursts-on-mars..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [IMG] mag_check_1.12.37s99..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 49k [IMG] mag_check_3.44.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 35k [TXT] mars-in-3d.zp.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 7k [TXT] mars-n-3d-ish.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 2k [IMG] mello-marsh-1.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 42k [IMG] mello-marsh-1s60.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 19k [IMG] micro-crater-s65.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 40k [IMG] micro-crater-s75.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 51k [IMG] micro-craters-s95.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 79k [IMG] neg_posspdr_1421s60.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 24k [IMG] neg_posspdr_1421s87.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 42k [TXT] negative-spider_aspe..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 6k [TXT] negative-spider_phas..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 5k [TXT] negative-spiders.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 6k [IMG] negativespdr_2344s90..> 31-May-2011 16:07 46k [IMG] negativespdr_4.60s70..> 31-May-2011 16:07 33k [IMG] negativespdr_4.60s90..> 31-May-2011 16:07 48k [IMG] nm-negspdr1.1-s70c.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 35k [IMG] nm_neg_spdr1-2.04-97..> 31-May-2011 16:07 48k [IMG] nm_neg_spdr1-2.04-97..> 31-May-2011 16:07 67k [IMG] o17cc-444-638.06cr.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 24k [IMG] o17cc-444-638.76cr.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 33k [IMG] o17cc-444-639.53.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 185k [IMG] ob_18_crop.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 28k [TXT] ob_32.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [IMG] ob_32.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 31k [IMG] p07_1_.03.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 9k [IMG] p13.55s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 11k [TXT] page-eleven.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] page-ten-1.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] page_eight.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] page_five.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 2k [TXT] page_four.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] page_nine.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] page_one.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] page_seven.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] page_six.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] page_sixa.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] page_ten.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] page_three.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] page_two.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [IMG] passover_spider_2.49..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 56k [IMG] passover_spider_2.49..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 51k [IMG] passover_spider_2.49..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 79k [IMG] passover_spider_2.49..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 38k [IMG] passover_spider_2.49..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 4k [IMG] peaks-3.48.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 40k [IMG] peaks7-6tgt-cs110.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 21k [IMG] pg-craters.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 53k [IMG] pllbckpeak-3.17-s99.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 34k [IMG] po-crtropst-14.92c.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 12k [IMG] po-spdr-1p17-p77-s70..> 31-May-2011 16:07 44k [IMG] po-spdr-9.65-s150c.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 20k [IMG] po-spdr-9.65c.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 33k [IMG] po-spdr-flp-0-20.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 49k [IMG] pocrtr-3240.7.34s70c..> 31-May-2011 16:07 22k [IMG] pocrtr14-7.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 46k [IMG] poster-08cf2.gif 31-May-2011 16:07 769k [TXT] poster06.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 124k [TXT] poster07alt.html 31-May-2011 16:07 12k [TXT] poster08.html 31-May-2011 16:07 13k [IMG] poster_attndt07.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 39k [IMG] posttrnch2232s.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 16k [IMG] posttrnch2318.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 44k [IMG] probe48s80.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 38k [IMG] probe57s80.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 35k [IMG] prockter06s10t.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 48k [IMG] prockter06s13.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 67k [IMG] prockter06s15.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 67k [IMG] psp_002039_1545-rt-c..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 8k [IMG] psp_003062_0930s75.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 32k [IMG] psp_005414_1735.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 32k [IMG] psp_006250_2200_cut_..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 49k
Two CRT screens passover experiment [IMG] pssovr-crtrsopst-14...> 31-May-2011 16:07 16k [IMG] pssovr_craters_2.39s..> 31-May-2011 16:07 37k [IMG] pssovr_crtrsopst_14...> 31-May-2011 16:07 32k [IMG] pssovr_crtrsopst_14...> 26-Jun-2011 06:28 4k [IMG] pssovr_crtrsopst_14...> 31-May-2011 16:07 51k [IMG] pssovrsetup_16.14s99..> 31-May-2011 16:07 43k [IMG] pssovrspdr_6.47s95.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 46k [IMG] pssovrspdr_6.47s99.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 60k [IMG] pssovrspdr_6.47s99s6..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 21k [IMG] pullawayspdr_1390s60..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 26k [IMG] pullawayspdr_1390s87..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 46k [IMG] raisedspdr_1.25s75.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 29k [IMG] raisedspdr_1.25s90.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 41k [IMG] raisedspdrlow_7.32s8..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 20k [IMG] rays-n-voids.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 5k [TXT] rc7.2.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] reflectioncheck.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 2k [TXT] reflectioncheck2.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] reflectioncheck3.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] reflectioncheck4.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] reflectioncheck5.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] reflectioncheck6.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 1k [TXT] reflectioncheck7.1.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 2k [TXT] reflectioncheck7.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 2k [IMG] rhndapic8qc9cut.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 7k [IMG] rhondapic2008qc9s90.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 59k [IMG] rhondapic2100mp8skw2..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 70k [IMG] rhondapic2127nd3s85.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 58k [IMG] rim-craters3_16.07.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:08 18k [IMG] rim-craters3_16.07s7..> 26-Jun-2011 05:08 14k [TXT] rimcraters.html 26-Jun-2011 05:08 4k [TXT] salty-sand.html 31-May-2011 16:07 17k [TXT] stereo.html 26-Jun-2011 06:30 6k [IMG] stringedspdr_28.92s9..> 26-Jun-2011 06:30 52k [IMG] stringedspdr_28.92s9..> 26-Jun-2011 06:30 5k
Results from Capacitor-plate experiment (well lighted 3D for box viewer) [IMG] sunlit-thindeep-2-s4..> 31-May-2011 16:07 106k [IMG] sunlit-thindry-1-s45..> 31-May-2011 16:07 90k [IMG] sunlit-thinwet-6-s45..> 31-May-2011 16:07 112k [TXT] superlink.html 26-Jun-2011 06:30 5k [IMG] swmng_bacteria_drop.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:30 16k [IMG] target-ring-zunil-mu..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 127k [IMG] tendril-patch.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 9k [IMG] tgt-pocrtr31.2.22-cs..> 31-May-2011 16:07 22k [IMG] tgt-pocrtr31.2.22s70..> 31-May-2011 16:07 20k [IMG] tgt-pocrtrsf2_4.13s7..> 31-May-2011 16:07 16k [IMG] tgt-pospdr2_14.09.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 58k [IMG] tight_po_crtr_2.90s7..> 31-May-2011 16:07 42k [IMG] tight_po_crtr_2.90s8..> 31-May-2011 16:07 61k [IMG] tight_po_crtr_2.90s8..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 4k [IMG] tightspider_2.38s99.jpg 31-May-2011 16:07 80k [IMG] tightspider_2.38s99t..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 5k [TXT] title.html 26-Jun-2011 06:05 1k [TXT] trench-view2.html 26-Jun-2011 06:05 1k [TXT] trench.html 26-Jun-2011 06:05 1k [IMG] trench4514s.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 20k [IMG] trench4514s99.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 32k [IMG] trench4516s.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 20k [IMG] trench4516s99.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 34k [IMG] twins-wide-s80.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 37k
Upward burst of discharge and with vorti activity.
See video in slow motion on disks, youtube (dahlenaz07) and downloads page [IMG] twister-1-small-9.17..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 7k [IMG] twister-1-small-9.17..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 19k [IMG] twister-1-small_15.3..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 7k [IMG] twister-1-small_15.3..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 19k [IMG] twister_1_7.35-s75.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 28k [IMG] twister_1_7.35sh80hv..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 43k [IMG] twister_1_7.35t.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 3k [IMG] twstr-1-crp.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 15k [IMG] vibfluid-3.54-s80c.jpg 26-Jun-2011 05:38 20k
Life cycle of discharge location on CRT. (dust displacement and relocation) [IMG] vts03.1-1944.65.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 27k [IMG] vts03.1-209.72.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 21k [IMG] vts03.1-217.97.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 19k [IMG] vts03.1-2308.68.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 25k [IMG] vts03.1-307.98.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 39k [IMG] vts_04_1-08.77-s1.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 25k
James Roe's experiments which suggest What Electricity Is [IMG] wei-endnote.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 43k [TXT] wei-pg30.html 26-Jun-2011 06:05 1k [IMG] wei-pg30.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 78k [IMG] wei-pg38s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 116k [IMG] wei-pg39s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 113k [IMG] wei-pg40-41s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 153k [IMG] wei-pg42s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 87k [IMG] wei-pg43s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 120k [IMG] wei-pg45s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 103k [IMG] wei-pg46s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 89k [IMG] wei-pg47s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 99k [IMG] wei-pg48s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 96k [IMG] wei-pg49s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 117k [IMG] wei-pg50s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 116k [IMG] wei-pg51s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 105k [IMG] wei-pg52s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 103k [IMG] wei-pg53s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 119k [IMG] wei-pg54s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 124k [IMG] wei-pg55s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 121k [IMG] wei-pg56s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 88k [IMG] wei-pg57s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 106k [IMG] wei-pg58s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 124k [IMG] wei-pg59s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 119k [IMG] wei-pg60s120.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 113k [TXT] wei_by_james_roe.html 26-Jun-2011 06:05 5k [TXT] wei_chptr1.html 26-Jun-2011 06:05 6k [TXT] wei_chptr3.html 26-Jun-2011 06:05 18k [TXT] wei_chptr9.html 26-Jun-2011 06:05 17k
Mars in 3D. Images made with Stereo Photomaker [IMG] zdespm-11995.12496-1..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 29k [IMG] zdespm-11995.12496-1..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 95k [IMG] zdpspm-9098.9164_214..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 91k [IMG] zespm-20230.20229-09..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 101k [IMG] zespm-20230.20229-09..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 35k [IMG] zlpspm-9098.9164_214..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 29k [IMG] zlpspm-9098.9164_214..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 94k [IMG] zpspm-8986.9408_1715..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 16k [IMG] zpspm-8986.9408_1715..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 46k [IMG] zpspm-9906.10196_222..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 68k [IMG] zrpspm-9098.9164_214..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 86k [IMG] zunil-floor-rgb-s50.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 44k [IMG] zunil-floor-rgb-s90.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 111k [IMG] zunil-superclose.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 183k [IMG] zunils-crtr-ring-clo..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 210k [IMG] zunils-crtr-ring-cls..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 53k [IMG] zunils-ring-mu-s60.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 20k [IMG] zunils-ring-mu.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 45k [TXT] zunils-ring-of-crate..> 26-Jun-2011 06:05 1k [IMG] zunils-ring-s50.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 26k [IMG] zunils-ring.jpg 26-Jun-2011 06:05 77k