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Welcome to Skydive Arizona's
short-term RV facility

-- (After-hours RV Arrival details) --

----- Before you setup -----

Visit manifest office to check for changes of space assignment and PAY IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR STAY.
They will send out a call for an arrival assistant to help you with RV placement and set-up considerations. Meet person at space shortly after Call.
Important consideration for hook-ups:
All RV hook-ups are at the back of RV spaces so cord and hose extensions may be necessary for newer large RV's.
RV placement is Left-Justified for back-in orientation. Wait for assistance, especially at spaces 9 & 10, 21 - 23, (see Maps)

Read-on further for general instructions that will help you begin thinking about how to position your RV. Wait for assistance before final setup.


----- If arriving after hours -----

Contact the arrival assistant at the number you were given,
if it is real late, (past 10:00pm)
Then just follow this arrival info as best you can.

General Instructions

Map:Area Overhead View

Position RV to the right(out-face)* of power pedestal, allowing for a 6 ft. walkway along centerline* of pedestal between spaces.(*FH2-8)

Bring aft-most part of RV "up-to" yellow concrete markers.
Keep walkways and fire-lane clear of obstacles

To the right of your RV is space for your parking and out-siding activity.(Full hook-ups only)

30-amp outlets are available at all spaces. That switch should be off when connecting and disconnecting

If you need 50-amp service, Only use a space with an empty outlet

Precautionary note Spaces 6 & 7

The row of planets between spaces 6&7 are Oleanders. All parts of this plant are toxic, even its smoke and pollen.
Contact with skin may cause irritation.

I've requested its removal. (Decision pending)

Read-on further for other info such as sewer and water hook-up tips.

Thank you for your cooperation
and for choosing Skydive Arizona

Linked pages under construction

One of several Water hook-up tips is to 'NOT' run water into your hose until it looks fresh. A filter can give a false level of assurance which can be improved by a visual-inspection sediment-trap device, IF they exist for this application.
My favored place to get drinking water is at the faucet by the irrigation pump for the south landing area.

A principle Sewer hook-up considerations is to 'NOT' have an active hose from your RV.. Use it to empty your tanks when they are full. This will prevent spills caused by a dislodged hose during the night.

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