Incorrect Toggle Settings and Rough Landings.

Several clues to consider

If you're canopy is falling back behind you on landing and you're not getting full range of toggle travel,,
these are text-book clues that toggle setting is out of adjustment. (Verified by local rigger).
Your typical Ramair canopy should support you through the full range of toggle travel and not fall back behind during flare when only partial toggle travel has been applied.
Pictured in example is partial toggle travel with one side depressed more and canopy is already falling out behind and left.

Example 1 & details------------------^larger2^
Consult with a rigger or experienced jumper about toggle adjustment clues,
but as a general rule: there should be some slack in the steering lines when your arms are fully up.
The tail of the canopy, at the attachments, should not be pulled down or distorted.
If either of these are evident and your canopy is falling out behind you when you're only partially through your arm travel during flare, then your steering lines are probably too tight and out of adjustment.
This condition can develop due to line shrinkage (spectra line). Grommet friction during opening is prime contributor to this with certain line types.


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