Cut-away Camera Captures for Heading Reference

Also landing shots, for visual evaluation

Recent observations yeild clue for trouble-shooting landing problems,,,
Landing problems may trace back to Toggle Adjustment Needed Black/Blu/Gray/White

Videos stored in the associated directory will be deleated after a couple days.

Please contact me through manifest if you lost something to find out if i have footage.

If footage was taken i will post an horizon reference image in the directory, with some added details.

Contact me for further info or to arrange video support for you canopy flight and landing development.
info at ------ phone two eight 0 - 34 one 0 (message/no-text)

Loads 1-4, #6 #7(partial)

Canopy descriptions follow:
Blue/gray/white (both)
All Red,, several times
Blue/white wingsuiter,,, several time
Blue/Black/Yellow ,,, Load 7 &?
Deep-flare walk-out (video not uploaded)
Finesse toggles for support. 12/05 Bl/

Activity captured 12/05/20 AM & PM
Fly out Supported (video)
Finish Supported Finish Supported

Will try to put low quality screen shots in directory

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