Comment covering a detail presented in
He Walked the Americas
with reference to the hem-embroidered crosses and T symbol mentioned

Begin reading of this book with Page 202 to examine the author's identity of the prophet.

This book is OK if you use great discernment as it makes reference to Christ's presence in the Americas, which is not unrealistic, but we must not confuse that possibility with others. As a book describing the native cultures and their civilization it seems quite informative and enlightening and earns much higher marks.

To the first point we must remember that where-ever the symbol of the cross is elevated to significance it is a clue to be recognized in association with, or a carry over from, pre-christian paganism, the mystic Tau symbol, of the Chaldeans for the god Tammuz (T). A variation of that symbol was adopted by the Catholic church as it attempted to satisfy a mixture of gods that was needed to roll-out the state church of Rome and be appealing to the general population.

Christ would most likely NOT HAVE assigned to his ministry, or glorified presence, a symbol associated with the false god Tammuz. So those character-details in this book are most likely of someone else (maybe and Essene or a Coptic Christian from Egypt, but read pages202&flwng first) or an over-lap of multiple stories.. But do not take my thoughts as a questioning of thier memories or even the possibility of Christ's visitation to the highly developed people in the Americas, people that were , as they say, the First People, whos sensitivity to the spirit of God drew them back to the garden. We should also consider other contacts in the context of this book, such as those from China which had a great influence on Meso-America. The Book "Gods from the Far East" reveales many clues to significant contact with Buddhist Monks from China as early as 500AD. But clues in North America may place them here as early as 2000BC, if rock symbols at Writing On Stone Park in southeast Sascathuan are actually Chinese script.
Has our educational system done a great dis-service to our understanding of the past by only teaching the conquerors version of history?
America was well known by many cultures on the east side of the atlantic, a detail excluded from early investigations to maintain Doctrine of Discovery attitudes. Carthaginians fled to the west after destruction by Rome. These Phenocians were major supliers of copper to Egypt and their source is said to be the west.[Mystic Symbols, Mertz] From Her book Gods from the Far East, present details about Buddhist missionaries to the americas before 600A.D and evidence that can be traced through out the americas including a people of east central mexico who's name translates as prophet/healers. Buddhists did much to educate and influence pre-columbian mexico.
Of greater importance to knowledge of the west is the high probability that the memory of the sinking of Atlantis was actually separation of contenants during post-catastrophic adjustment of the crust as explained by Walter Brown's Hydroplate-theory dynamics Online book. Couple this with the catastrophist perspective and Saturnian/electric universe evidence and we are given an entirely plausible list of scenarios to apply to the rapid separation of the continents, satisfying an atlantis-like legend on both sides of the Atlantic. A remnant of Eden could have been the Americas, the Cherubims were likely polar auroral manifestations, and the flaming sword could have been related to electrical events as the earth's atmosphere facilitated electrical breakdown to a fracturing crust.

Go back further in the identity and inspiration of pre-christian symbols and you will find that they are associated to celestial manifestations involving planetary-bodies worshiped as gods when they towered over the celestial theater and interacted dramitically on an electrical level..Return to home page

The book Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop lays out some of these details as do those of the comparative mythology-plasma cosmology perspective. The Cross symbol pre-dates Christ by many centuries and in its equi-geometric representation (+), (found among native american cultures as well) it may be a testimony of plasma dynamics between celestial bodies during the birthing of Venus. To these pre-christian details ALONE, some insight can be gleaned from several books: The Many Faces of Venus, Martian Metamorphoses, and several other that discuss research which cover details for the thunderbolts of the gods. A production of by the Thunderbolts group gives an overview of these details, but they introduce confusion as they overlay the celestial events of the Chaos-period onto the biblical story without recognizing how those people wrestled with the human reaction to the chaos of post-eden events when celestial drama and catastrophes which threatened lives on earth detached them from the condition of the former time.

Correcting the confusion which followed that separation was part of the healing process begun by the Spiritual-ministry from the Creator to various individuals, such as Noah and Abraham which continued on through Jesus Christ's reconciliation-ministry and on further through others.

Mankind has survived a tragic sequence of events, possibly connected to a time of solar system instability, and is currently being healed of the emotional turmoil while enduring social exploitations which can occur as a consequence of being left to our own imaginations and selfish devices. While we yet live there is time to make corrections before further exploitation is introduced, through fear, over whatever mankind might imagine while in a tramatized, confused or deceptive state of thinking.. There is much more to be discussed on these matters but i will leave those additions or subtractions to the work of the Holy Spirit on the hearts and minds of them that seek truth, in the spirit of love, following what has already been accomplished toward the healing of humankind.