We have No Sky like the Ancient Sky

Kebe-Henge, Az
Jupiter Near the Horizon
Saturn is trailing behind
Above and left out of image.
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of Neowise above Galaxy group
in line of sight with the Virgo Cluster

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On rare occasions in modern times we have come only barely close to the Sky Displays, in our near earth celestial realm, as were spoken of in ancient myths and legends across the world's cultures.
Our present opportunity to view comet Neowise is a chance to ask the question:
Why were the ancients expressing such terror when talking about comets?

You would not get a glimpse of this fact if modern science had its way.. For centuries the gradualists have ruled the sciences and during their tenure research was side-lined if it did not speak to their fiction of gradualism, it was censored or at the least marginalized. Even the cultures, which brough forward in their legends the clues of Catastrophism, were pushed aside by modern notions.. And by careful orchestration of what you are supposed to believe,,, they have taught us kids games which they say demonstrate that we shouldn't trust the spoken words or accounts passed down through the ages by the world's ancient cultures. But what they didn't include in their rational is the usage of symbols and ceremony to strengthen the quality of details in those memories.

What memories,, you might ask... Venus,, the Goddess with long flowing hair... Venus the burning torch... Venus the terrible comet which bring destruction.. Venus, the comet, as well as other comet legends from different cultures around the world, all reference the planet Venus.. But it doesn't have a visible tail,, and it doesn't bring destruction or even look scary... So what is behind the legends which are spoke in unison the world over??

In the book: The Many Faces of Venus,, The Planet Venus in Ancient Myth and Religion,,
Ev Cochrane gets into many detail of Venus legends and other supporting research.
Available locally for loan, via dzp.

Image Gallery of comet at Space Weather dot come
Some images are during The comet's most visible phase.
But during these periods there was no destruction or even fear of destruction..

Something has changed about our night sky,, and maybe even our day-time sky,, if we follow the clues in a logical direction we will find what has been left out of the narrative.
With this branch of science going to great lengths to erase the voices of the past,, to preserved their own reputations and notions,, for sustained funding,,
How much more might other fields practice censorship to preserve a narrative that will keep them in the money, and you on their funders-wagon. In the past control groups have even to the point of misinterpretation evidence so that the public looks away.
So, with reference to current events:

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